Welcome to my blog! In this post I’ll tell you what you can expect from Newline.blog, who this site is aimed at, who is behind it as well as a short excerpt about its namesake.

Who am I?

I am a practising security specialist doing pentests and red teaming in the field. Furthermore I have experience in secure coding practices and basic experience in blue teaming and reverse engineering.

My ambition within security is to every day be a better security tester than I was yesterday. Cliché, I know.

What does Newline mean?

The nerds among us will instantly recognize ‘Newline’ as %0A ( or %0D%0A for the Windows fans), \n or simply the character separating two lines in any simple plaintext format.

Why of all things ‘Newline’ as a security focused blog name?

Newlines have an interesting position both in the security world and outisde of it.

Firstly, In the pentesting scene, newlines have often been part of various creative attacks on well established systems. A few that come to mind are:

  1. HTTP request smuggling
  2. XSS filter evasion
  3. Log injection

Lastly, in the more general meaning of a newline. It represents the beginning of the next line in any text. The beginning and end of any text discussing news, spouting hatred, sharing love or simply sharing memes. It represents a key feature in the creation and sharing of information in our modern age. Thus, Newline.blog.

What will this blog contain and who are its audience?

This blog will contain articles about all sorts of IT related topics. Most of them will likely be security related, as this is what interests me the most. Don’t expect much frequency in these as I write these in my past time, whenever I have time for them.

The articles will be written with the (at least) mildly technical in mind. Though I might write some basic tutorials, I expect you to know the difference between a host name and an IP address, but not necessarily the difference between and (one could be in your home and the other is part of the IP range of a terrible company).

I have complaints/feedback/compliments/insults/questions I want to send your way

By any means do. You can reach me on Twitter, Mastodon and by email.